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Create confidence - limited audits as a suitable instrument

Although small companies (<10 full-time employees) can completely dispense with an audit of the annual accounts, this is not always recommended.

As an entrepreneur or company, there are different stakeholders, to whom one is accountable in one way or another. For example, employees who expect their job to be safe and whose salary is paid monthly. On the other hand, the supplier or the money-issuing bank, which expects the invoices or the interest rate to be paid in time. How can all these expectations be satisfied in a simple way?

The limited audit, which for small businesses is between CHF 2,000 and CHF 5,000, could be such an instrument. On the one hand, the shareholder (provided that they are not a member of the company) has the security that the transactions are kept clean, on the other hand the company receives confirmation (Audit report) which third parties can be given. In certain circumstances, such an acknowledgment could even improve the rating capacity of the banks, which gives you a better interest rate or a higher credit limit.

In addition to a confidence-building measure, a limited audit could also help you identify operational and financial risks, or even optimize your internal processes.

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